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Hello my name is Patrick Simpson, I am an affiliate marketer like many of you.

I love my family and my dogs and I love playing guitar!!! I truly enjoy knowing how to market and earn online in the PTC and Traffic Exchange Industry. I just don’t  market all the time…it’s more of a hobby than a must for me.

About 2 yrs ago I quit marketing. I wanted to spend more of my time taking care of my mom and playing guitar….along the way me and my brother built her a new deck with a ramp  and remodeled the front part of his home. So I have been busy.

My mother is blind and 68yrs of age, It happened all at once. She is also a diabetic, she has many other health issues as well. 3yrs ago was when she lost her eye site (in Dec. of 2012 to be more precise).

I myself am Bi-Polar and have fought with it since I was 14-15 yrs of age. I am not looking for any sympathy, never have never will. This page is my best attempt to let you know whom I really am the best I can since we can’t be face to face.

So any ways…I needed to take some me time for myself and my family back in 2013 to the present you may say.

I started back again on January 10th of 2017. I started out with Clixsense .

By the 1st of this month I had already made $61.03…. and have already upgraded from my earnings for the next yr!!!!! So I have been bored and now I am back for a while.

I am also a Member Of Click Track Profit

I am Upgraded There to their KORE 4 program.

Those 3 things up above that I mentioned are always the 1st 2 sites I use when I want to start affiliate marketing!!! Rather its because I am bored or I need to earn some money fast….those 2 sites are always trust worthy. That’s rare in this industry…and very sad…but it is what it is.

But any ways…….

My situation has changed….I still take care of mom, but all my kids are grown and out on their own, so I don’t have them around to take care of has well. Because it’s just me and my mom to take care of my schedule is very open for the most part.

I watch a friends son and daughter Mon.-Fri. from 4:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. (I read and send e-mails while I am there waiting to get them up for school).

I then come home now and go into Clixsense and try to earn 2 bucks on average a day. Then I go into CTP to see what sites are involved in promos there.

But don’t get it twisted…I don’t mind surfing Traffic Exchanges but I would rather send e-mails and work in Clixsense for about 4-5 hours and then go surf about 12-16 sites using Traffic Browser…for about 100-200 pages or maybe 2-3 hours and then I play my guitar and write music and drink some beer!! No I am not going to sit there for 15-16 hours and surf!!! I really don think I even spend but maybe 6-8 hours consistently each day, and that’s pushing it. Don’t get me wrong, I am back because I do enjoy earning online with these types of sites. But I am also back just to have something more to do besides play guitar and take car of my mom and my buddies kids….So I figured why the hell not…….

I do want you to know that this blog is hosted thru a life time hosting provider, so once I set this sucker up this time…it will always be here for you to use and learn from my mistakes and my success.

I say that because as I said earlier  I am Bi-Polar…I am also Severely ADHD probably why I like this type of marketing in the 1st place…LOL! So I may just disappear again for a couple of months, yrs whom knows…LOL!

But seriously, I went with this type of hosting because it was cheap to get started and it will always be here once I set it up…I can come back to it and just take off where I left off.

Once this site is completely set up the way I want…You all will have access to any and all tutorials I make, Yes I like to make how to videos to help out my fellow new marketers. You will also have access to any resources that I have the rights to let you access for free.

I want this site to be a place where you can learn from with out having to reach into your pocket…and if you do need some cash for a service or site upgrade, I am going to show you how to earn from day 1 without relying on referrals so that you can use those earnings to help you upgrade at sites that give you the most leverage for cost and TIME OF DAILY INVESTMENT!!!! I am already Upgraded at the 2 sites I mentioned above and ROCKET RESPONDER,  that all only cost me 67 bucks (50 of it is recurring, but I use Clixsense to pay for it!!!) every cent of it I earned from Clixsense!!!

I have also invested into some other sites by upgrading or purchasing advertising ( I ain’t spending my every waking minute at a computer, when I can pay for it). I spend an extra 75 bucks a month, but if I have a real good month then I can cut that cost down or…..buy some beer….LOL!

Marketing online takes some time consistently and if you want to be seen and stick out you should have a budget to invest, so that you can free your self up to focus on earning a set amount every day and leverage those earnings to get you seen more….I mean that’s how this all works at some point you will find that being upgraded at certain sites is a no brainier. The referrals you can’t rely on them when your starting out….but if you can find a couple of sites that you can leverage their earnings to help you leverage more eventually I would think you will start to find the right referrals…the ones that want it as much as you….when that happens consistent cash flow starts to happen. That’s the way I see it …..

Any ways I made a video below that lets you get to know me a bit better,  I hope…?….enjoy……

And now you know why I named this site Bi-Polar Marketing ( because I am Bi-Polar and I kinda market the same way).

Feel Free to connect with me using the social Icons you see on this site.

Also you can connect with me on Click Track Profit

my username is: Psimpson , I am in and out of CTP several times a day, so just feel free to pm me for any thing I might be able to help you with.

I must be honest if you connect with me on Facebook just know I use Facebook mostly to be social with out business being involved. That being said I do not filter myself like I do on Twitter and CTP. So I just wanted you to be warned.

I hope this helped you get to know me better!!!!