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Build Your List With the Safelist/Mailers I Use

This page is where I have put all of the safelist/mailers I use to send out 100,000+ emails every week. I am upgraded at some of them….which is why I don’t need to use any more safelist/mailers than these. Although If I see a safelist/mailer from someone I trust in the business, I will most likely add them to this page…cause I will be using them. Please remember to check back regularly to see if I have added any more mailers to my List of sites for you to use to Build Your List!!!

It’s very important to start building a mailing list asap when your trying to build an income online. The easiest¬† and fastest way is to 1st have an autoresponder for automating your list building efforts.¬† The 2nd Tool you need is Adkreator, you can join here for free….But I strongly recommend the upgrade so you can use it to make lead capture pages. I do not think that you can make a lead capture unless you are upgraded:


I personally use RocketResponder for my autoresponder. Which You Can find at the top of this page, I gave it it’s own menu….It’s that dang good!!!!! I even included a price comparison….yeah you remember it….it was my 1st post.

  • 4 Aces Mailer you can build your list here by sending out e-mails to 1,839 members every 24 hours if your upgraded….I am:
  • U.S. Largest Safelist You can send out a mailing here 2 times daily whether your upgraded or not to 25,000+ members everyday…as long as you have the credits….you can begin to build your list….I am upgraded here:
  • Bweeble you can send for free every 7 days to 2,000 members here for free to help you to start building your list:

  • Daily Credit Mailer I mail from here up to 10,000 emails a day(4x a day @ 2,500 per mailing) trying to build my list and down-lines…I am upgraded here for life:
  • State of The Art Mailer You can send a mailing from here to 3,000 every 5 days to help build your list:
  • Email Marketing Evolved!
  • The Last Mailer your can mail from here to 10,000 if your upgraded to their VIP level…I am Silver Lifetime and mail to 3,000 every 24 hours ….This site just relaunched and is offering lot’s of contest and many other things all while you build your list:
  • The Lead Magnet you send a mailing here to 800 members for free each day while you build your list:
  • Hot Spot Mailer You can send to over 38,000 members when ever as long as you have the credits for free:
  • Dynamite Mailing Explosion you can use this mailer to build your list and send to members 5,000 members every 23 hours if you are upgraded to their gold upgraded. I am upgraded to their silver which allows me to mail to 3,000 members every 48 hours:

    List Nerds you can mail to free members every 7 days for free and build your list fast:

  • Mailerito you can mail up to 5,000 members every 23 hours if upgraded and build your list fast:
  • Mail Our List you can mail up to 5,000 daily to start to build your list:
  • Monument Mailer you an send a mailing 3x a day if your are upgraded that means you get 3 chances everyday to build your list:
  • The Viral Mailz you can mail up to 3x day if upgraded that means you get 3 chances everyday to build your list:
  • List Punk you can mail all members every 12 hours if your are upgraded!!! Now that’s how to build your list fast:
  • 1 Profit Ring this is one hell of a mailer/banner/ traffic exchange! You can mail the whole membership every week!!! You can make money from promoting the splash for this mailer while you are building your list….for free, but I recommend upgrading. It’s a one time cost that will make you money as long as you do not delte your account!!! :
  • The Evolution Mailer I Mail here everyday to over 3,600 members a day to build my list…You can Build your list using this too: