AutoResponder prices: Compared AutoResponder prices

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AutoResponder prices: Compared AutoResponder prices

Hello, I decided to do a little bit of research concerning autoresponder prices. It turned out to be a bit interesting.

I really was not surprised by what I found…well may be a little…LOL!

Check out this video I made comparing the autoresponder prices of  different  companies that I found on googles 1st search result page:

Interesting don’t you think how autoresponder prices differ from one another?

Autoresponder prices were ranging from as low as 20 dollars to 45 dollars a month for constant contact right? You Caught that? I know I did… Folks that means that there is some fine print somewhere that is going to make your autoresponder prices rise!!!!

Now check out Aweber $1788 a yr if you got 25k subscribers!!!! And it could be more!!!! That’s one hell of a price for an autoresponder in my opinion !!! I mean heck, it cost $828 a yr just for 10k!!!

But Aweber ain’t got nothing on the next autoresponders prices..did you see that crap!!!!!! These are monthly prices folks!!! That’s just plain crazy to me!

And now the next autoresponder doesn’t even show up on my search????!!!!!

This makes no sense to me…. because 2 yrs ago in 2013 I was doing this thing that us affiliate marketers do and I was building my list then using rocketresponder…..heres the video:

I made this video to show how easy it was to create a list building campaign using just Adkreator and RocketResponder.

. I had know idea that doing so could be so easy. Not until RocketResponder.

I was always afraid of breaking any laws 1st and foremost. Next I was afraid that I could not set the dang thing up!!! Not until RocketResponder.

Withr RocketResponder it’s so easy to set up my grand children can build their 1st list! They give you video tutorials that walk you step by step through the whole process!! For 20 BUCKS!!!! NO FINE PRINT!!!!!!! BUILD AS BIG AS LIST AS YOU WANT!!!!!! AS MANY AS YOU WANT!!!!

Now I ask you again?…. Are You Kidding Me!!!!!!!!