Traffic Exchanges And Downline Builders Continued

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Here are more Traffic Exchanges and Downline Builders

Here are some more really great Traffic Exchanges that I use to promote this site and my other offers.


Easyhits4u is the biggest TE out there folks!They have 1:1 surf ratio You can count on at least 1000 potential leads and customers anytime of the day!!! I am Upgraded here to their Ultimate Plan and its worth every dollar….you get .30 cents for every 1000 pages surfed!!

Fast-growing 1:1 Traffic Exchange

List Build Surf And XP Tasker


List Build Surf and XP Tasker are 2 Traffic Exchanges I use daily…the owner is great and has been around for many years. These 2 TE’s are standout for sure…you will see my ads here all the time!!!


Traffic Exchanges with “ZUBEES”

TE’s with zubees are very popular and very fun. Zubees are a virtual gem you collect for rewards, including cash just for surfing. Zubee Zone is the main hub for all the TE’s that offer you the chance to collect zubees.



List Build Surf and XP Tasker are2 of those Te’s. The rest are many but here some of the ones I use below. Keep Check here as time goes on there will be more….my TE list is quite big so please be patient as I work to update this site daily. Any ways here some more Zubee TE’s for you to check out: