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This Page is where you can come and watch any tutorial I have made. So please keep check regularly. Has I make another tutorial I will post it here.

Traffic Browser and Tab accelerator are tools that allow the user can use to surf traffic exchanges more efficiently. Below is the tutorial I made a couple of yrs ago(2013). I still use Traffic Browser…its my choice of the 2 so please enjoy….

Traffic Browser and Tab Accelerator basics:

I use Traffic Browser Myself, for 15 bucks a yr if your a serious surfer you need this tool and you can get it here: Banner 8 Blue with Box Surf all your favorite TEs

Next is a tutorial I made also around the same time (2013?)…I am too lazy to got check…LOL

Any ways I made this tutorial to show that there was an extreme benefit to surfing these select group of sites together. You can get more credits, win more cash all while surfing anyways!!! So check out this tutorial…enjoy.

The Reason You Should Nerd surf and Mega Surf and How to:

You can join all the Nerd Surf Sites Here:

This site is super fun Social Ad Surf Here:

Get your marketing empire started here at Legacy Hits :

Join and sneak up on your competition Ninja Surf Here:

We even have as NASCAR Based site right here!!!! TE Racing League :

I made this tutorial to show users how to complete this task, although it is monotonous it must be done if you want to fully maximize the potential it provides you. Now I am just as guilty of ignoring this as many of you are, but taking the time to fill in the needed information really will help you build your down lines simply by using and promoting their site. See here is what happens…Say you are promoting Legacy Hits and someone signs up as a referral under you…well if you have filled in the info needed than they can see what other programs you are a member of and sign up under you there as well!! So please enjoy this next tutorial.

Down-line builders- how and why you need to complete them:


The reason you need to use Adkreator and how to is a tutorial that I made to show you how easy it was to create a squeeze page and start building your self a list:

You Can Join here, it’s really easy to create ads that stand out from the rest:

How To White List an E-mail with in your Gmail account

White Listing E-mail in Yahoo Mail

DownLine Kreator Tutorial


  • This is the 1st video of this series.
  • It shows you how to set your links and banners to open in a new window every time.
  • I show you how to make your YouTube video’s autoplay as well as adjust the size of it.
  • I show you how to write the code for your banners.
  • I show you how to center and create breaks in your web page.




I teach you how to create a text link with or with out a hover element. I also teach you the meaning of the most important html tags that you must use in order for you to use this page as a stand alone web page.As a added bonus I show you how to take the code we write and use it to build a unique splash using easyhits 4u splash page builder.



Below Is a tutorial that will show you how to set up your private label products and automate your sells!

Don’t forget to check back later as I make a tutorial I will post it here.